Oakland, California —  Classic sounds, live instrumentation, and beats.

G Koop & O-man is an ongoing collaboration between Rob Mandell, Graham Richards, and Anthony Caruso.  The three have been playing and recording together since 1998 when they met as students at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Weekly recording sessions since 2010 have been the subject of on an online documentary series on Youtube.  Each episode documents the production of a piece of music and features frequent collaborators, both instrumental and lyrical.

“Because of our history, we trust each others’ ears completely.” O-man said.

“The trust is what makes our thing work so well," G Koop adds, “We’ve been doing this so long that we know neither would lead the other astray.”

"I would eat anything they gave me to eat, because I know it wouldn't be poisoned," says Caruso.